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Adidas Hybrid 80 Boxing Gloves for Men & Women - 6 oz Black/Shock Pink

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These kickboxing gloves are designed for high-performance and durability, with a long-lasting exterior made of top-quality polyurethane leather. The outer shell ensures that these grant custom boxing gloves performance, making them perfect for heavy bag workouts, mitt training, kickboxing, fitness classes, and sparring.

In addition, these gloves have been specially constructed with exceptional shock-absorption properties, ensuring that your knuckles and fists remain safe and protected during even the most intense and extended boxing gym sessions. The gloves provide excellent speed and acceleration, making your movements quick and powerful, and allowing you to deliver the perfect punch.

Take your sports training and fitness to the next level with these amazing gloves. They are perfect for anyone looking to improve their performance and achieve their fitness goals.

size 8oz


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