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ToddMomy Kids Boxing Gloves - Children's Mittens for Muay Thai Punching and Exercise - Guantes De Boxing Accessory with Hand Wraps Artificial Leather and Sponge Padding Portable and Red

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This boxing classes for kids heavy bag training, bag work, punch mitts and more. The PUPunching Bag Mitts feature a tough PU cover, ensuring great durability and performance. They are very suitable for you. The Punching Bag Gloves are made of high-class material and are anti-tear explosion-proof, which improves their durability. The Bagwork Fight Gloves have breathable mesh to ventilate sweat from the inner side, which can help you get rid of annoying odor with just a few hours of airing. The Heavy Bag Gloves also have breathable mesh for ventilation, allowing you to train for longer periods of time without discomfort. Upgrade your boxing training with these high-quality gloves and mitts!


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